TORQ is one serious bottle opener... The idea was born during a dramatic inner circle meeting of the beer brotherhood late one Saturday night... A discussion was had, decisions were made, men touting aerospace and nuclear engineering degrees were consulted... A lone hand sketch emerged on a bar napkin.

Detailed CAD drawings containing tolerance information and material specs were carefully transported in the dead of night... TORQ prototypes were machined in a top secret CNC machine shop in Pearl City, HI (just off Kam Hwy, up Waihona St. across from Hawaiian Steam)

All joking aside... TORQ is our take on the classic bottle opener offering clean lines, machined from billets of quality materials and void of branding. A "trusted friend" to withstand frequent rigorous use and passed down for generations.

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4" length, 0.6" height, 0.5" width.
Weight 75 grams (Titanium versions 40 grams) Key ring hole is 1/4" in diameter.
1018 steel alloy, 303 Stainless Steel, Naval Brass alloy 464 grade 2 and 5 Titanium.

Original bar napkin sketch